School Health Program


Majority of the school students generally suffer from many preventable diseases such as Food borne diseases, Defective teeth, Obesity, Anemia etc., Such diseases unfavorably affect the learning capacity of the students. Health seeking behavior has to be initiated in the childhood itself. The best opportunity for facilitating this is found in school settings. The main focus of the School Health Program is to address the health needs of children.

    Objectives of School Health Program:
  • Creation of awareness among school children about healthy living.
  • To identify and correct psychosocial problems among school children, including substance abuse.
  • Enhancement of skills of school teachers in handling health and developmental problems among children.
  • Awakening health consciousness in children.

Apollo MedSkills has launched 12 New Health Programs for School Children to make them understand the importance of good & healthy living. These programs would be divided into 3 categories namely, Health Education, Hygiene & Nutrition.

To know more, download brochures below:

Health education


First Aid

Adolescence health


Hand hygiene

Menstrual Hygiene

Oral Hygiene

Personal Hygiene


Food borne diseases

Use and abuse of addictive substances


Awareness and prevention of obesity

Balanced diet

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