• Anyone working or wanting to work for cloud automation
• Software Tester
• System Admin
• Solution Architect
• Security Engineer
• Application Developers
• Integration Specialists

Duration:45 days, 2 hours per day


DevOps improves collaboration and productivity by automating infrastructure and workflows and continuously measuring applications performance. In this course you will learn about Version Controlling, Code Automation, Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment, Configuration Management, and Monitoring of application.

Skills to be learned in this training Program:

After completing this Devops Certification Training, you should be able to:
• Manage and keep a track of different versions of the source code using Git
• Build and Automate Test using Jenkins and Maven
• Automate testing of web elements using Selenium suite of tools
• Build and Deploy containerization using Docker
• Learn different roles and Command Line usage of Ansible
• Manage clustering and scaling with Kubernetes
• Perform Continuous Monitoring using Nagios
• Gain experience of working on an industry standard live Project

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