What is Hospital Management Course?

Hospital Management is an art of managing an institution i.e. hospital, its infrastructure facilities, manpower and overall services. Hospital Management Professionals are dealing directly with doctors and patient. Hospital Management Professionals have to work mostly inside the institution, except for the marketing professionals.

What is Healthcare Management Course?

Healthcare managers oversee business and operational aspects of a healthcare or medical facility, maintaining the financial integrity of the organization and supporting the industry’s economic infrastructure. They possess a deep understanding of the structural elements and administrative standards of the healthcare system.

Why should one pursue this course?

If you are a graduate who wants to open the door to thriving career opportunities by constantly upgrading of her/his own skills, then you are at the right place. Healthcare with quality is the most important national and global agenda today and by choosing this sector, you are on the fast-track mode of your career. By pursuing this course with the two world-renowned brands in education and health sector - Central University of Hyderabad and Apollo MedSkills Limited, respectively, you will be the most sought-after professional in the industry.

What is the admission process for taking up PG Diploma in Healthcare Management / Hospital Management?

First you need to click here to register yourself for Hospital Management or click here to register yourself for Healthcare Management.

1. Please fill the online application form completely.
2.Please upload the necessary scanned documents
3.Click on Register button.
4.It will take you to a payment gateway.
5.Rs.300/- is charged for registration.
6.These applications are scrutinized by a Scrutiny Team.
7.The applicant will be communicated on the acceptance / rejection of the application.

Visit www.apollomedskills.com HCU courses select your preferred course download your Application form, fill and upload the scan copy on the portal.

Who is eligible for the course?

Any graduate [Medical/ Non-Medical] is eligible for the course.

What is the course duration?

One Year Program - Online + 1week contact program per semester.

What is the mode of training?

It is online program and 1 week of contact program during each semesters

How is the program designed?

It is a One Year Distance Education Program comprising of two semesters of six months each. Self-Assessment, Project Work, Contact Program are part of each semester.

What is the duration of the contact program?

One week to 10 days.

Where will be the contact program?

In the University of Hyderabad, Telangana State.

Do I have to pay any extra fee for contact program or exam?


Who will arrange for the boarding and lodging facilities during the contact program?

Ans. Assistance for boarding and lodging can be provided at the University of Hyderabad as per the payment norms of the University of Hyderabad.

Is the Contact Program important to attend?

Yes, it is important to attend because some marks are assigned for this program and those who attend will only be entitled to obtain those marks. This is a great opportunity to meet the industry experts and gain knowledge and seek clarifications on any topics of the curriculum.

When is the final assessment? Is there any exam conducted?

At the end of the one year program. Yes, online /offline exam is conducted as part of the final assessment.

Do you provide course study material?

Yes, both online study material and course text books will be provided through courier.

Is there a 100% Placement Guarantee?

No, we do not make any fraudulent offers about placements to make you join the course. In fact we guarantee 100% subject as per real time standards so you will be ready for the job after completing our course

Do you provide placement assistance?

Yes, we do help with genuine placement assistance in the health sector. However, your performance during the course and in the interview is of utmost importance for securing job.

What is the course fee?

INR 60,000 OR US$ 2520.

What is the mode of course fee payment?


Can I pay in installments?

yes, in two installments at the beginning of the semester.

Is there a refund of registration fee?


Is there is a refund of course fee either in partial or complete?

No refund is allowed once the course fee is remitted.

Do I get a certificate on course completion?

Yes, on successful completion of the course, Central University of Hyderabad and Apollo MedSkills will jointly issue a certificate.