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Institutional Projects

Apollo MedSkills in collaboration with various government and private partners is building a skilled workforce for the healthcare sector. The lives and livelihoods of the youth, their households and communities are immensely benefitted with the skill development programs implemented by many organizations through Apollo MedSkills. We invite you collaborate with us for taking the skilling revolution to next level and make India, the skill capital for the world.

Collaboration with internationally renowned organizations including NHS HEE, The WCEA, The William Light Education, AISR, The University of Bolton for upskilling the students, their assessment and certification have opened huge employment opportunities not only in India but at global level.

Under the banner of Institutional Projects, over 90,000 students have been enrolled for leaning healthcare skills, 83,500 students have been provided with a wide range programs including skilling, up-skilling, healthcare awareness, school health and corporate workshops.